How to stop Google Play Store from automatically downloading updates

Google play auto update

It is great that the Google Play Store provides an option to auto-update the apps by date. But it is not a good idea if you are using any metered Wi-Fi connections or have limited bandwidth on cellular network This is why we need to stop Google Play Store from automatically downloading updates.

If you still find this confusing, here is a scenario. If an Android smartphone is having over 80+ apps installed on their device, there is a higher chance that 40 of them will have a bulk update notification at least once in a week (or even once in two days). In most of the cases, the apps are seen only getting auto-updated if you are joined to a Wi-Fi network. Essentially, whenever the device is connected to a wifi network, it can be a bad idea to have “Wi-Fi Only auto-updates” if the Wi-FI too is a metered one.

Stop Google Play Store from automatically downloading updates

Stop auto-update for individual apps: If you are turning off the auto-update for all the apps, there is a chance that your apps may get outdated to a risky old version. And, you would not be able to use the latest features that just appeared in a new update. So, instead of turning off updates for all the app, you can prevent the apps individually.

stop Google Play Store from automatically downloading updates.

The Google Play Store offers a setting you can choose to stop auto-update for individual apps. For this, you have to go to the induvial app page and set manually.

1. Open Google Play Store
2. Select the app that you want to turn the auto update off.
3. Tap on three dots (ellipsis menu) on the top right corner.
4. Uncheck “Auto-update”

There you are! You will not be receiving any updates automatically for that specific app, but you will continue receiving automatic updates of other apps.

Choose “Wi-Fi Only” auto-update: From the Google Play settings, you can select the auto-update scheme to “WiFi Only”. When you check this option, the updates will download automatically only over the wifi. So, you do not have to worry about the data wastage anymore.

Update Google Play Apps only Over WiFi

Steps for choosing Wi-Fi only updates:

1. Open Google Play Store.
2. Tap on the hamburger menu icon on the top left the corner, or swipe right from the left edge.
3. Scroll down and select “Settings.”
4. Tap on “Auto-update Apps.”
5. Choose Auto-updates over Wi-Fi only.

Update when on Charging and Connected to WiFi: I am sure you don’t want apps to update when you don’t have enough battery left or you plan to save for the rest of the day. Many a time you connect to WiFi network and app updates may start in the background.

Make sure to keep your WiFi turned on even when the phone is in sleep or lock mode. Go to Settings > Configure> Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep > Always. This will update the apps while you are sleeping or when you had put it on charge.

Stop auto-update completely

If you are even concerned about the Wi-Fi data usage, you select the option for “Do not auto-update Apps.” You can follow the same steps as above to choose the option. This will make sure to stop Google Play Store from automatically downloading updates forever.

Disable App Updates on Google Play Store

To check if you have an update, you will have to visit the Play Store and click on My Apps to see if the updates are available for each app. You can update apps one by one or click on update all to update all the apps together.

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