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Growing a follower base on social media is by no means an easy task. Especially since the early 10s, there has been an explosion of people who are trying to make it on social media platforms as influencers and content creators. If you want to be successful, you need to approach the endeavor as a business and have detailed plans on how you’ll amass followers. This article will help you get a handle on some new strategies that are particularly relevant and necessary for an influencer in today’s social media landscape.


If you want to survive in today’s media landscape, you need to learn how to automate successfully – As an influencer or brand manager, you’ll have to take care of a lot of miscellaneous tasks. Growthoid is here to help you grow your Instagram profile. This involves looking at how your followers interact with each content, the number of clicks it generates, how people react to you on other pages, and the state of your advertizements and potential outreaching to get more. There is potential for automation in each of these tasks that could save you hours each day:

  • Email automation: there are multiple tools on the internet that will help you automate email creation. If you’re an influencer, especially small, you need to send hundreds of emails to businesses in the hopes of finding a company that will find your services valuable and pays you to advertise to it. This process can get really time-consuming and exhausting if you write each email, thankfully, you can get smart tools that will allow you to write a template with a few customizable fields that you can use to contact any business and tell them about your services. This is a huge time-saver.
  • Automatic feed generation: keeping up with your followers can be daunting, especially if you have a large fanbase. You might get hundreds of mentions, messages, and comments each day. Traditionally, you’ll have to sift through them and find out which mentions and comments are relevant and important to reply to, and you’ll probably spend hours each day doing this. Thankfully, there are tools that will automatically generate a feed for you, with the most relevant comments and mentions at the top.

These are two examples of millions of ways you can automate. You need to find out which aspect of social media you spend the most time on and think about ways you can automate parts of that. Every influencer and brand manager will have different priorities and needs, and you should take that into account and don’t randomly automate things you don’t spend any time doing, anyways.

Sound Genuine

The last thing you need when managing a social media account is to sound fake and corporatist. Whether you’re an influencer or a brand manager, people have increased chances of buying your products and reacting positively to your ads if they have some trust in you. If you sound fake to them, they will not buy the products you advertise. This can be very serious, as businesses will drop you if they see they don’t get any sales from the ads on your social media page, and you’ll struggle to make enough money to get by.

You can also use tools that help you personalize sales. For example, is a startup that will allow you to record a personalized ‘thank you’ message for anyone who buys something from your e-commerce business. This can be a powerful tool in helping you appear more genuine.

Optimize Your Social Media Account for Search Engines

If you want to be discovered on the internet, it is not only important to create interesting content for your followers and interact with them, but you also need to know how search engines interact with your content.

Whether you show up on the Google Search Engine or get recommended to other people on Instagram wholly depends on the algorithms these companies use. While most of these algorithms are secret, and the companies scarcely talk about them, nevertheless, there is a huge community online dedicated to learning how to use these algorithms to their advantage and promote their social media. You should read up on them and learn how to use the algorithms to promote yourself or your brand.

Go Beyond Text

Most social media posts are either paragraphs or pics and while this is the cheapest and easiest way to create content, it isn’t the best. There are other forms of content that generate more interactions and can be a very powerful tool in your arsenal:

  • Videos generate the most amount of shares, likes, and comments on social media. People love to watch short high-production videos. They are also reasonably easy to make.
  • Infographics are a much better way of promoting products than text. Studies show that infographics cause more sales. The downside is that it takes a lot of time to create one, and you should only use it on important occasions.

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