Top 5 Services to Enhance Your Twitter Experience


Since its inception, Twitter has been one of the most famous and widely used social networking website. After the Twitter was launched, soon within few months many services by third party developers as well as Twitter itself, were provided to enhance the user experience with Twitter. In this short article, we will take a brief look at top 5 services which are used by most number of users to enhance overall Twitter experience.

1. TweetMeme

The TweetMeme offers a way to track the current popular or hot topics on Twitter. It checks and picks up anyone posting any content with links embedded in it, then it tracks how many others mentioned same content in their tweets and this all data is presented in a simple format. It keeps a user updated with current happening regardless of its location or profiles that person is following.


2. Twitpic

It is a service which allows a user to post pictures to otherwise medialess tweets and that is too without any hassle. Although the mother-site offers similar service to various other businesses independently, a user can use it as a companion of Twitter too. All a user has to do is upload its picture on TwitPic and then post the link within the tweet.


3. yfrog 

It is another image hosting service offered by imageshack. It has many things similar to imageshack, it lets users to share videos or images in their tweets. yfrog stands as an acronym for yellow frog which happens to be the logo of imageshack. However in May 2011, its original logo was changed and now yfrog sports a circle of six speech balloons each carrying different color as its logo.


4. TwitterCounter

The TwitterCounter is a service which lets a user to see its growth on twitter in the form of graph. That is, using this service, you can review how many followers you have and graph of growth of followers over the time. This application/service can be used to show or understand how fast your Twitter base is growing and what behavior you have exhibited over the time such as pattern in tweets topics etc.


5. WeFollow

It is a Twitter directory developed by founder of Digg. It emphasizes various topics that different users associate with them over time.  It is very useful service, using which one can easily discover new users with same interests or top users in each category. Anyone can add itself just by tweeting out the hashtags which will enable the directory to enlist the user’s name.


Although due to the lack of space, we have seen only top 5 services enhancing Twitter experience; hundreds of others can be found on internet. Some might allow you to tweet last post published in any blog via RSS feed (e.g. Twitterfeed) while others may allow you to tweet more than 140 characters at a time (for example, tweetLonger).

So keep searching for more of them and do not forget to tweet about our article!

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