How to unblock a blocked friend from Facebook Restricted List

Many of our friends have annoying Facebook habits. They keep tagging us in totally unwanted and unrelated images. This cycle of tag notifications can get very annoying at times leaving us with no option but to block them from our friend list.

Once you add any of your friends to the restricted list only posts and information that you make public is made visible to them. Also, when you block someone the person no longer remains friends with you on Facebook and cannot interact with you. So, if you think you have been too harsh with your friends and regret your actions, Facebook gives you a chance to escape the guilt, unnoticed by ‘UNBLOCKING’ your friend and adding him to your friend list, again.

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So, let us in this post learn How to unblock your friend from restricted list.

Unblock a friend from Facebook Restricted List

  • Log into your Facebook account. Click on the drop-down arrow located at the top-right of your Homepage and from the available options choose ‘Privacy settings’.
  • You will be directed to ‘Settings’ page. Scroll down until you find ‘Blocked People and Apps’ section. Just adjacent to it, there’s ‘Manage Blocking’ option, click on it.
  • Now, a new page should be visible to you. Here, you can add friends to the restricted list, block users, block app invites and do a lot more.
  • Since, we are interested in unblocking a friend; we will stick to ‘Block Users’ section.
  • Under it, you will find names of friends being blocked from your friend list and a button adjacent to it to ‘Unblock’ them. It’s highlighted in blue.
  • Just hit the ‘Unblock’ option and you are done! The unblocked person will be in a condition to view your profile and contact you, depending on your privacy settings.
  • Meanwhile, Facebook will ask you to confirm your action of unblocking a friend and update your block list by clicking ‘Confirm’ button. Hit ‘Confirm’!

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

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