How to install DNSCrypt on Android to secure against DNS Spoofing

install DNSCrypt on Android

The DNS spoofing hacking method is very threatful to the internet-connected devices. Smartphones and personal computers are significant targets. So, you need to keep your systems secured every time to avoid a cyber attack that returns the wrong IP Address from the DNS server. One of the best ways to prevent DNS Spoofing is to install DNSCrypt on Android. It ensures complete protection from the attacks by spoofing DNS resolver.

If you thought that the DNSCrypt is available only on computer platforms, you are wrong. You can efficiently use the service on any Android smartphone. The article will guide you through the complete steps to install and use DNSCrypt clients on your Android smartphone.

What is DNSCrypt?

DNSCrypt is simply a protocol introduced to secure the connection between Internet-connected devices and DNS servers. Today, Android smartphones with a load of connected apps installed take up a lot of internet connectivity. By using the DNSCrypt, you can establish a secure connection between the client device and the DNS (Domain Name Server). It will be through an encrypted protocol.

How to install DNSCrypt on Android

There are two ways of doing it. The first is for the Rooted phone, and the second is for regular phones.

Install DNSCrypt on Rooted Phone:

Your smartphone must meet several requirements to use DNSCrypt. Your smartphone must be rooted. Learn how to do it from here. And, you must have a custom recovery (CWM, TWRP, etc.).

Step 1: Download any precompiled dnscrypt-proxy package for Android from here. Store the file in your SD Card. 

Step 2: Reboot your smartphone to the custom recovery. Click on install and choose the ZIP file to install DNSCrypt protection on your smartphone.

Step 3: Download any DNS Changer app from the Google Play Store and change the DNS to to continue using the DNSCrypt. Leave the form blank to stop using the DNSCrypt protocol.

install DNSCrypt on Android

An improved version is also available called Install DNSCrypt Proxy 2 available at the same source. You can download the APK from the release section.

Setup DNSCrypt using Apps on regular phones (No Root)

If you want to use the DNSCrypt on your Android smartphone without any complicated steps, we recommend following the below steps.

  • Download & Install DNS Manager (with DNSCrypt) from Play Store.
  • Open the app, and Tap on Update/Install DNSCrypt.
  • Choose the protocol and DNS provider to continue with the DNSCrypt protection without root.

install DNSCrypt on Android

The app creates dnscrypt-proxy on Android phones. Please note that the DNSCrypt feature on the app is currently under development. So, you may encounter several issues and malfunctioning with the app. Therefore, we recommend you to go with the first method if its possible.

I hope the article helped you in setting up the DNSCrypt on your Android smartphone.

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