Ways to Increase Your Instagram Likes

Whether you’re an Instagram model, a business owner, or you just run a popular page on a platform, it’s a must that you rake in those likes from your followers. Of course, that also means getting possibly more followers as well. Getting those extra likes seems easy if you already have a large following but it is much harder than you think if you’re just starting up.

If you’re having trouble getting those likes, then we’ve got you covered. Here are a few tried and tested tips that will help you get those desired digits for your Instagram page.

Connect With Your Audience

People follow you for a reason and that is because they see something on your page that they can easily relate to. As such, you must connect with them. An easy way to get likes from your posts is by creating captions that directly require people to engage with you. Most commonly, these come in the form of questions that your followers are going to want to answer.

Studies suggest that people go to social networking sites to stay in touch with others and even to get to know others better. The best way to garner likes is by simply allowing them to relate with you or others as well. As such, it’s a must to create posts that ask your followers to connect.

Get Creative

This should go without saying but when it comes to all things internet, content is king. As per experts at SocialProof.xyz, you need to be creative when it comes to your posts, hard as it may be. To get creative, you should first study the posts of your competitors. Check out what they are doing that’s working. Also, check out what they aren’t doing.

Obviously, the key is to follow in the footsteps of the things they do that get the most likes but put your own twist on it. You should also check out the type of content your competitors seldomly do. You need to fill the gap that’s missing for your followers. Chances are that if they are your follower, they’ll be followers of your competitors as well.

Post Incredible Photos

Instagram is all about visuals and the platform is all about getting the best shots in your camera or files. If you want to get more likes, post more creative photos and study the art of photography. It’s a must that you learn how to make the perfect shot composition so that your followers will be drawn to liking your posts more.

If you’re running a business through Instagram, then amazing photos are a must. For instance, if you’re into selling clothes, go beyond posting photos of the clothes laid down on a plain background. It would be better if you hire a model to get to wear the clothes so that people see them being worn by someone else.

Don’t hesitate to use editing tools as well. Avoid posting shots or videos that others have already done before. Why would they like the post if it’s already something they’ve seen before.

Use Hashtags

If you aren’t using hashtags, you aren’t using Instagram properly. Hashtags do a lot of things. For starters, they help you reach out to more people who are thinking about a specific topic. Another thing is that hashtags help you start trends or get in on one! Where should you place your hashtags?

According to studies, people prefer it if hashtags are placed on the caption instead of the comment. The next time you post, place a catchy hashtag on your caption. More people will be able to see it if the hashtag is catchy, thus increasing your chances of getting more likes. Task Ant is the best place to get trending hashtags for Instagram.

Work On Your Caption Game

Photos and videos are the main highlights of an Instagram post but that doesn’t mean you should treat the caption any less. You must work on improving your caption writing game too as this plays an important role in getting you more likes.  People always appreciate a good read.

Just make sure that the caption is an appropriate length. Unless you are trying to tell a story, make sure that the caption is only a few lines.

Instagram is an amazing platform for businesses and bloggers alike. While many have already reached stardom because of Instagram, you probably still have a long journey ahead of you. With our tips above, you can get those extra likes for your page which can eventually increase your popularity and following too.

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