Five Tips To Make Visually Stunning Instagram Stories

Your Instagram feed is no longer the sole method to connect with your followers and stand out in the crowd. In reality, Instagram Stories has quickly expanded to over 500 million daily active users since its inception in August 2016. It means at least half of Instagram’s entire user population views or creates stories regularly.

This means you have the opportunity to communicate with your Instagram audience in two places on the app, and you don’t want to squander it with boring Stories and graphics.

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In fact, making visually stunning Instagram stories is a shortcut to get more instagram followers. So, you better not waste it.

Why Should You Make Instagram Stories?

  • Stories increase your brand visibility.
  • They generate quality leads in a short time.
  • You can get instant feedback for new products and services.
  • They help you interact with more people and stay connected with them all the time.
  • You can run Instagram Story Ads and reach capabilities that make your ads relevant to people you want to reach.
  • Stories help you engage with your audience easily.
  • You can enhance your brand transparency with Instagram Stories.

Tips To Make Visually Stunning Instagram Stories

Since Instagram Stories are essential, you should not make them look dull. You must follow a few of these tips to make engaging Insta Stories:

1: Use A Storyboard

Instagram Stories can be used in a variety of ways. Stories are a terrific way to communicate with your audience without having to be as polished as your feed, from promoting new blog posts to sharing new features and more.

This means you can shoot live video, behind-the-scenes footage, and iPhone pictures without worrying about it clashing with your other content.

When it comes to Instagram Story visuals, though, you still want to make sure you’re creating aesthetically engaging designs that entice your audience to watch.

Using a storyboard to sketch out your tale before starting the design properly is a terrific approach to get started.

2: Incorporate Photography

Your Instagram Stories don’t have to be totally made up of custom graphics. Changing it up and using photography now and then is a terrific idea.

The beauty of Instagram Stories is that you don’t have to post high-quality, professionally generated content.

Instead, capture some behind-the-scenes photos right in the app with your smartphone camera.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the millions of free stock photo selections accessible. Just make sure they’re appropriate for your brand and the content you’re promoting.

3: Use Symbols To Create New Design Elements

Typewriter, Classic, Neon, Modern, and Strong are the five font selections on Instagram Stories.

This implies you have five different styles of letters and symbols. If you rotate and blow up some of these letters and symbols, you’ll have some really cool graphic components to help spice up your Instagram Stories.

It is relatively easy.

Step 1: Select the plus icon at the bottom corner of the screen.

Step 2:Choose the ‘Graphics’ option.

Step 3:A list of graphics options will appear in front of you. Keep scrolling down that list or search for a specific symbol.

Step 4: Select the icon you want to use as a cover of your Insta Story.

Step 5: Choose a particular color, and your Insta Story is all set to enchant the audience.

4: Create Overlays And Backgrounds

It is possible to use the drawing tool more than just coloring or highlighting information in your story. It also aids in the creation of backdrops and color overlays.

Use the pen tool, choose your backdrop color, and tap and hold until your entire screen turns that color if you want to publish an announcement on your story without having to find a photo.

You may also make a translucent color overlay by following the same steps with the highlighter tool – select a color, then press and hold the screen.

You can also make sneak peeks by putting a background color on top of your image and put the eraser tool to use to remove some parts of it.

5: Start With A Template

There’s a solution if you’re still unsure about your design eye when it comes to your business or personal Instagram Stories. Instead of making a Story from scratch, start with a template.

Templates are available for almost any reason, including promoting your new product images, inspirational quotations, recent blog posts, and much more.

Using fully customizable templates provides you with a place to start while also adding your brand fonts, colors, and other flourishes.

Get Creative!!!

Visual appeal is something that attracts people of all ages.

This is why, if you want to make visually stunning Instagram Stories, you must follow these tips and get on board.

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