How to install Google Camera mod on Android phones

How to install Google camera mod

We all know that Google’s Pixels are the best mobile snappers in the smartphone world as of date. Interesting to note that many want to install Google Camera mod on their Android Phone. The reason is that even with a single camera module on the back, the shots they produce are far better than the other flagships.

The specialty here is not with the Pixel’s camera hardware. Instead, the whole magic lies in Google’s unique AI algorithms. It can click vivid HDR+ shots and brilliant portrait shots with a single-camera setup. This article includes the steps to install a Google camera on any Android Phone.

Why use Google Camera App?

The camera app has complex algorithms and computational photography that works with the hexagon DSP of the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset to create the masterpieces. What does this translate to the other Android users is that any smartphone with a Google cam should be able to do the same output?

Well, it’s possible, but there’s a catch as, by default, the Google Camera app is locked to work only with the Google Pixel devices. But thanks to the folks over at XDA Developers, who gave the google camera mod apk, you can install it on your Android device as well. Follow the article to get to know more!

There are many advantages to the Google Camera app as it provides some exclusive features and settings. Here are some of them:

1] HDR+| High Dynamic Range

Google’s HDR takes on image fusing tech that takes different images and then merges into a single but more detailed picture. Thus, giving much better low light snaps.

2] Portrait Mode

When we all thought that it takes a dual camera set up to get a portrait shot. Google has defined it with its top-notch algorithm that even some dual camera devices fail to match up with. The edge detection is on par when we take it out on a budget device, and the results are shocking.

3] Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)

With Google cam app, you can get the same EIS smoothness that you are supposed to get on a pixel even on a budget series Android making all those videos less jittery.

Steps to install Google Camera mod in any Android

Installation is pretty straightforward here thanks to awesome XDA developers like Arnova8G2, BSG, and few others. Now the whole process is as easy as downloading an APK and sideloading it manually on to your smartphone as long as if it has the Camera2API unlocked.

Your phone also needs to have the Qualcomm chipset and their Image Signal Processor the same on which Google also relies to carry out the magic.

Enable Camera 2 API

Now For Google Camera to work, your device should have Camera2 API enabled, which can be checked easily with this app over at play store. So now as your phone has Camera2 API enabled by the vendor, Here are the requirements:

  1. Android 7.0 or higher
  2. Camera2 API enabled

Install Google Camera mod

1] Download the Google camera app for your device from the Google camera Port Hub over at XDA Developers or from here if your device wasn’t in XDA Developers. This site provides generic APK that should possibly work across all devices, meeting the minimum requirement that we discussed before.

2] Now go to Settings -> Advanced -> Install from unknown sources -> tap ‘Allow this installation only’ -> Tap on ok.

Google camera

3] Now, the installation will go on like any normal APK, and you’d be able to see the app in your app drawer and will work alongside the default camera app on your smartphone.

Now enjoy the Google Cam app on your Android device. Snap that jaw-dropping shots to flaunt with your friend circle or over at your favorite social media. You can also grab those special night shots as after all moments worth remembering can happen at any time!

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