How to effectively increase traffic using your Facebook Page

increase traffic using your Facebook Page

I know every blogger want to increase their blog traffic. You might have written many articles over there. Made efforts to increase the traffic by commenting on other blogs. One of the best ways is using Facebook Page. In this guide, I share how you can increase traffic using your Facebook Page.

Like every blogger, have you owned your own Facebook fan page? If not, then create it now. Go to and click “Create Page” in the upper right-hand corner. Follow the simple steps and voila, you are done. Don’t forget to suggest your newly created Facebook page to your friends.

Ok, then, lets come to the point here. You can increase the traffic to your blog via good commenting strategy, SEO optimization, and Guest posting. But, do you know the power of Social Networks? Facebook and Twitter? Know it before you are too late. Here I am going to tell you about managing your Facebook page effectively and increase the traffic.

How to effectively increase traffic using your Facebook Page

Facebook is the favorite online hangout for every internet geeks. Subscribing to your Feedburner email or Feedly for RSS might get little tougher to them. So, why don’t you go to their hangout and market your blog? Before marketing, you should have followers. For that, you should manage your page effectively.

increase traffic using your Facebook Page

Follow these steps:

  • Have an attractive, and impressive profile picture to your page. Facebook has provided 200X600 space for your image. Don’t waste it. Use it. Design a nice image for your fan page, which should attract the Facebook users.
  • Don’t create many pages, which de-concentrate your work. Create one page and focus on it.
  • While you can fill your page with all your posts via RSS feeds, I recommend not to do so. First of all, posting the articles manually with some tips to your fans is a good idea.
  • Place a “like” button on your Facebook page in your blog, so that your readers will find it easily. You can even use the full 200X200 box with fan’s faces.
  • If you are writing the blogs in India, then you should post your links during Indian working hours. Similarly for bloggers from other countries also. As a result, more people will get to see your posts.
  • Don’t always post the links. Sometimes, try to talk to your fans. Ask questions or ask for feedback. Be human.
  • Use, attractive headlines (titles) to your links, which is the key fact in increasing your click-through rate of Facebook posts.
  • If you are ready to spend some bucks, then advertise your Facebook page. As a result, you should see your number growing, especially relevant to the organic search.
  • Holding contests in your blog is worth to increase fans. I doubled my Facebook Fan numbers in 1 month after holding a contest of “Sharing in Facebook” and “Like Facebook page”.

If you follow these strategies, then you will get nice traffic from your Facebook Fan page. If you like this article, then like The Geeks Club Facebook page. I welcome you to give me more ideas in the comment box below about how you can increase traffic using your Facebook Page.

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