How to set up iCloud account on Android

How to set up an iCloud account on Android

While in high school or college, many students opt for iPhones instead of any other brand. It is understandable. Not only does it allow them to look cool, but essay writing services apps made for iOS are of exceptional quality too, which makes it so much easier for students to do my paper by DoMyEssay writers or any other service provider for that matter. But often, after they graduate and get their first job, they might be required to switch to Android phones.

As we all know, iCloud by Apple is only for Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. So, we might need an expensive Apple device to create an iCloud email ID. But when you switch to an Android smartphone, most of the users abandon their iCloud email ID with the tail “” Are you thinking of using it no more or still want to use it? We have the solution to set up an iCloud account on Android.

Note: If you want to create an iCloud account on Android. Use the Chrome browser to visit iCloud, and then create it.

How to set up an iCloud account on Android

It’s not about email access, but also about importing contacts, and calendar. So we will set up all of them.

  1. Setup iCloud Email Account on Android
    • using Gmail App
    • App Password
  2. Import iCloud Contacts
  3. Add iCloud Calendar

There are few drawbacks, so make sure you know about it. Here is how to set up the iCloud account.

1] How to set up iCloud email on Android

Unlike Apple iPhone devices, there are no direct ways to access the iCloud Account with any apps or websites. But if you have an internet connection, a mail app, and a little patience, it is easier to set up manually. With a similar method, you can also transfer your contacts from the iCloud account to your Droid-running device. Explore the steps below.

Step 1: Open the default mail app or Gmail app on your Android smartphone. You can also use any third-party email client apps to set up the iCloud email. Tap on Add Account > Other, from the list. Enter your iCloud email ID on the field. Fill with your password at the bottom.

Step 2: Tap on Manual Setup. Choose “IMAP” and set the server as Set the port to “993” and select SSL/TLS as a security type. In the next window, choose outgoing server settings as follows:

  • SMTP Server: / Security: STARTTLS / Port: 587.
  • Also, enter the username and tap Next.

Step 3: Now, your iCloud email account will set up on your device. The email will be synced when you connect to the internet.

Setup iCloud mail on Android

Moving your existing iCloud email ID to your new Android smartphone does not make a change to your mailbox. When using iPhone, you were able to set the account in just simple steps. But, when it came to the Android, several extra steps needed because the manual setup was necessary. There is no official client app available on the platform for iCloud mail users.

App Password

If your regular password doesn’t work on the Gmail app, then you need to create an app-specific password. It makes sure that your real password is not misused for anything other.

Create App Specific Password

  1. Go to the Apple ID page and sign in.
  2. On the Manage > Security > App-specific passwords > Generate Password.
  3. Enter a description, e.g. Android Gmail, and then click Create.
  4. Make sure to note it somewhere, and use it when required.

App-specific passwords cannot be reused.

2] Sync iCloud Contacts to Android

You will also need your contacts from the iCloud account. However, you will have to export it using vCard method

Export iCloud Contacts

  • Open log in.
  • Open Contacts and select the contacts you want to export.
  • Click the gear icon, choose Export vCard, and save the VCF file to your computer.
  • You can choose to email this to the Gmail account on your smartphone or copy it to the storage.
  • Whatever you do, once it is on your phone, open Contacts App > Menu > Settings > Import
  • Browse the VCF file and import the contacts.

3] Setup or Add iCloud Calendar to Android

Share iCloud Calendar Public URL

  • Open and sign in with your Apple Id.
  • Select the Calendar option on the screen, and then click the Calendar you want to import
  • Then click on Calendar Share > Public sharing
  • It will generate a unique URL.
  • Go to Google calendar, and click on add > from URL
  • Copy-paste the public URL we generated above.

The only problem is that it will be read-only.

An alternate way to access iCloud

In case you do not want to set the email account using third-party mail apps, you can use either Google’s Gmail app or any other reliable app. Another way is accessing your account through the browser.

Step 1: Open any web browser app on your smartphone (Google Chrome recommended). Enter the address in the browser address bar and visit the site. If there is trouble in loading, tap on the ellipsis button, and check the “Desktop site.”

Step 2: Log in to the account using your iCloud username/email ID and password. After logging in, you could see the iCloud web launchpad that allows you to access multiple services on the iCloud platform, including contacts, email, numbers, memos, notes, etc.

Step 3: Access the mail account from the browser but desktop mode. So, the web version is not recommended.

Have you just moved to Android from iOS? How did you set up an iCloud account on Android? Feel free to tell us your methods for using the iCloud emails on your Android smartphone.

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