Automatically Set Daily Bing Picture as Wallpaper on Android

Automatically Set Daily Bing Picture as Wallpaper on Android

We all love to set our smartphone screen wallpaper, the best images that we find internet, or a moment-catching one from our gallery. Microsoft’s Bing search engine provides the daily images as wallpapers. And if you love them, just automatically set Daily Bing Picture as Wallpaper on Android. For those who all love to put creative photographs on their smartphone wallpapers, there is an excellent tool for you to know.

Automatically Set Daily Bing Picture as Wallpaper on Android

There are several ways to put the daily Bing images as your wallpaper and change them daily accordingly. For you to know, there is this official way, via their official app, and the third party app, which can place Bing daily wallpaper on Android. Both provide the timely update on images and lets you put wallpapers enough to make your day. Let us dive into the tutorial, which depicts you how to automatically set daily Bing picture as the wallpaper on your Android smartphone.

Use Bing App for Android

Microsoft offers more apps on the Google Play Store, more than Google has. It is exciting while checking out the apps published by Microsoft corporations. The Office Lens and the Word are few of the best known and most downloaded apps ever. They even provide an Android launcher and a lock screen app.

Moreover, their search engine Big is available as an app, like Google. The Bing app works as same as the Google, except it doesn’t natively support their AI-assistant feature Cortana (you need to install it separately).

Set Daily Bing Picture as Wallpaper on Android

Using the Bing app, you can add widgets to the home screen, search on the web, and you can set the daily automatic wallpapers. It will change your wallpaper based on your taste (or just as updated by the Big itself globally). The redesigned user Interface f the app makes it easier for you to set bing daily pictures as the wallpapers for any Android smartphone.


Daily Bing Wallpaper – New Bing Wallpaper every day

It is a third-party app that comes with an integration of the Bing daily images. From this app, you can choose for setting changing your daily background images automatically from Bing’s images. It also offers many other options in the app, which is not available with the Bing app.

Bing Wallpaper Changer

You can select the ideal resolution that needed for your smartphone screen, thus save the daily data which is being used by the app. Also, you can avoid any of the images on your smartphone storage by a single tap. The app also gives the users permission to download all the photos that appear as daily wallpaper.


Here are the top functions available on the app

  • Different country regions.
  • Multiple Resolutions including FullHD.
  • Wallpaper Preview.
  • One-touch download.
  • Portrait mode
  • Daily Automatic Wallpaper Update.
  • Daily Automatic Wallpaper Download.
  • Different Download Resolutions.
  • Push Notifications so you never miss an awesome bing wallpaper

Before you go for setting the regular wallpaper from Bing, make sure that you have an active internet plan on your cell. Then only your wallpaper will get changed automatically regularly

I hope this article helps you in setting the best wallpapers on your smartphone quickly. No more searching for wallpapers online. You have the best wallpapers right beside you.

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