Tips to get the most out of your Android Smartphone

Tips to get the most out of your Android Smartphone

Android smartphones nowadays come with the PC-like performance hardware specifications, capable of doing stressful tasks at ease. Well, have you thought of utilizing your smartphone essentially and getting the best out of it? Here are the top tips to use your smartphone with the maximum utilization get the most out of your Android Smartphone.

How to get the most out of your Android Smartphone

Following are the top proven tips to enhance your smartphone usability.

Task Management

Most of the apps utilize background tasks to work all the day, without taking much energy. But, the excessive amount of tasks can slow down your smartphone performance and thus result in faster battery draining. So, you must keep an eye on the tasks that run in the background. You can also use task killers for the purpose, but not recommended in every context as it even kills the system apps and essential services. Killing necessary tasks can crash your smartphone.

Power management

Most of the users often tend to install the battery saver and power management app to save some battery charge. Honestly, these types of apps are completely unnecessary and sometimes would flood our smartphones with adware. Ironically, it is found that those so-called power saver apps take up a lot of battery charge. If necessary, you can use the Greenify app to optimize the background tasks and battery consuming apps. Also, reduce brightness to save the power to an extent.

Greenify for Android

Social Networking Applications

Social Media apps are built to run all the time on the smartphone, even after it is closed. They always send you notifications and popups to stay connected. All these services eat your battery. So control the social media apps, and include them in the optimized apps in battery saving settings.


The default text messaging or SMS apps on Android smartphones come with stereotype features. You would be allowed to send, read and delete messages in most cases. What if you could get even more out of messaging on your smartphone? There are so many apps available in Google Play Store to organize your messages in a nice way.

Textra sms app

Check out the top messaging apps for Android smartphones.


Android smartphones allow changing default launcher for the home screen. You can install any of the launcher apps available on Play Store so that you can customize your smartphone’s face at your wish. There are many launchers, and app icon packs are available today. Few among the best are Nova Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, Pixel Launcher, etc.

Nova Launcher

Control data usage

Mobile data is so precious that it will run out of balance very quickly over LTE network. So, everyone might be wanting to control the data usage accessed by apps. There are many android apps available to monitor and control the data network usage. We recommend using the Google Datally app. Here is the complete guide to using Google Datally.

Datally Statistics with Data Saver

Media playing

One of the best reasons we love smartphones is its capability tor un any type of media files. You can play almost every file types among audio, video and images. For playing audio or songs, you can use Poweramp, Pulsar Music Player, Google Play Music, etc. You can also stream songs from the internet using Spotify, Apple Music. If you want to play videos, one of the best options is the open-source VLC Media Player.

PowerAmp for Android

Hope you found the article helpful. Suggest more ideas if you are more aware of using Android smartphones more efficiently.

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